Our Director

Evergreen Chorus is pleased to introduce our Director, Carole Argulewicz. Carole is a certified director and has directed the chorus since 1999. Under her music leadership, Evergreen has achieved 1st place Mid-size Chorus - 5 consecutive years; top five overall all placement at regional conventions; 1st place small chorus, most improved chorus and the 2016 Dody O'Brian Award for improvement, and lead Evergreen to a 3rd place medal at Harmony Classic 2017.

Carole and the music team provide vocal production, choreographic/visual, and music interpretation training to all chorus members. Carole provides the members with music education necessary to understand and perform the barbershop style, as outlined in Sweet Adelines International Organization.

Carole has sung in a first place regional quartet. She has coached both women's and men's barbershop choruses. 

Carole has a bachelor degree in Music Therapy, a masters degree in Special Education. She is a retired Special Education teacher who resides in Lake Katrine, NY.