Evergreen Chorus 2017-2018 Management Team

The nine member team, pictured left to right are:  

  Pat Miller - Marketing and PR Coordinator,  
Carole Argulewicz - Director and Music Team Coordinator,  
Robin Critelli - Events Coordinator
Laura Garrido - Finance Coordinator
Susan Krystek - Team Coordinator
Jeannette Morse - Performance Coordinator,  
Chris Seebach - Membership Coordinator,  
Nancy Clark - CommunicationCoordinator.  
Gail Van Vlack - FacilitiesCoordinator

Evergreen Chorus' 2017-2018 Management Team

Director – Carole Argulewicz

The Director heads up Evergreen’s Music Team, and is responsible for long range music planning, selecting music, auditioning & notification, video taping coaching sessions, acting as Education Coordinator, vocal & visual planning, Videotaping the Chorus for Critique review, maintaining a record of Competition DVDs & score sheets, maintaining the Chorus repertoire & Regional Songs learning tracks, developing the coaching schedule & interaction, general attendance tracking, coordinating the Chorus retreat, coordinating Emcees for performances, ensuring the Show Team is in place, and ensuring the Music Team is in place.

Evergreen Chorus’s 2017-2018 Music Team includes myriad talented members of the chorus and more than 20 functional roles.

Management Team Coordinator – Susan Krystek

She and her team are responsible for Strategic Planning, coordinating Management Team agenda with input from the Team, facilitating Management Team meetings, maintaining chapter calendar of events-monthly & year overview, maintaining & distributing Hot Sheets, circulating Chapter, Regional & International announcements & communications, acting as liaison from Management Team to Chorus, running business meetings at Chorus rehearsals, overseeing chapter nominations, representing Chapter at Regional meetings, maintaining Standing Rules & By Laws, promoting International & Regional Events & Information, acts as liaison from Chorus to Region, coordinating "Woman of Note", coordinating Competition registration with Events Coordinator & Finance Coordinator.

The Team Coordinator's Team includes the Management Team Leaders – "The Team"

Performance Coordinator – Jeannette Morse

She and her team manage performance bookings, inspect facilities to see if suitable for performances, advise Director of potential performances, maintain performance sign-ups, coordinate with Facilities Coordinator as needed for performances, and coordinate with Marketing Coordinator for performance advertising.

The Performance Coordinator's Team includes the Chorus Manager.

Membership Coordinator – Chris Seebach

She and her team are responsible for welcoming prospective members & guests, coordinating Open House, maintaining & distributing new member & guest packets, overseeing member retention efforts, recording attendance and periodically reporting attendance to Management Team, coordinating a year-round membership drive, coordinating ordering of new member pins, coordinating the Sunshine Person efforts, coordinating along with Events Coordinator for member events, and coordinating Rah Rah volunteers.

The membership Coordinator's team includes
New Member Team,
Attendance Takers by Section Tenor, Lead, Baritone, Bass
Visitor Hostesses
Sunshine Person,
and Rah-Rah Team

Facilities Coordinator – Gail Van Vlack

She and her team are responsible for coordinating the rehearsal facility, coordinating all aspects of riser management, set-up, transport, money collection, scheduling individuals to be in charge of closing the rehearsal hall, supervising the maintenance of the storage unit, transporting & maintaining Chorus banner, and maintaining Chorus rehearsal files.

Facilities Coordinator's Team includes the Rehearsal Space Coordinator, the Riser Manager, and the Storage Unit Team.

Events Coordinator – Robin Critelli

She and her team are responsible for coordinating retreat housing & meals as needed, coordinating the installation dinner, coordinating Crazy Quartet event, coordinating a Chorus summer party, coordinating holiday & other Chorus parties, Ensuring that the coordinator for Fall Show Afterglow for fall show is in place, coordinating special events & social time for Chorus members, coordinating competition sign-ups & preparation in conjunction with the Team Coordinator, and coordinating VocalFest sign-ups & preparation.

The Events Coordinator's Team includes the VocalFest Team and the Competition Team.

PR and Marketing Coordinator – Pat Miller

She and her team are responsible for maintaining the Chorus external Website, maintaining a public relations connection list, publicizing Performances & Events – radio ,TV, newspaper , fliers, bulletin boards, photos, arranging for a photo log of performances & events, maintaining Chorus history by way of photographic records, developing community awareness, developing & maintaining a list for public performance notices (available for bookings) to the public, developing & maintaining a list for advertisement solicitation, coordinating performance related activities with the Performance Coordinator, maintinaing a list of former Chorus Members

The Marketing Coordinator's team include the Marketing/Publicity Team, a Liaison to Greater Dutchess Regional Chamber of Commerce, and a Historian – who keeps track of photographs & maintains a list of former Chorus Members.

Communications Coordinator – Nancy Clark

She and her team are responsible for taking notes to document Management Team meetings & preparing meeting summaries, providing copies of meeting summaries to Management Team & emails to the Region, posting a copy of meeting summaries on Yahoo Group Site for the Chorus membership, maintaining Chorus Member Information List & Email list, providing for Communications with other choruses – such as, congratulation notes following competition, and overseeing communications with Taglines.

Communications Coordinator's Team includes the Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Membership Data Keeper – Contact List & Email List, and Writers for Taglines.

Finance Coordinator – Laura Garrido

She and her team are responsible for receiving & disbursing all Chapter funds, maintaining & tracking membership payment schedule, providing monthly financial report for the Management Team, preparing an annual report & arranges for annual audit, preparing & submitting annual tax form, participating in long range planning, overseeing fund raising, overseeing grant search efforts, re-chartering members at their anniversary date, handling new member registration & member transfers, preparing gifts for Region 15 International competitors, ordering and paying for Sheet Music, and assisting Team Coordinator with registering Chorus for Competition.

The Finance Coordinator's Team includes the Fund Raising Team, the Grant Research & Writing Team, the New Member List Keeper, and the Dues Record Keeper.